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  Referee counting boards      
  Surrounding clips      



Surrounding with single cloth and standard frame

The classic one among all surroundings – available in all current measurements.


Surrounding with single cloth and double frame

This model has already been well established in the market due to higher stability of the double frame and resultant higher life span.


Surrounding with full cover cloth and standard or double frame

Model with increasing popularity with two cloths joined together and covering the whole frame. This provides more stability and higher rigidity at the same time. More over it has a neater appearance.


All Models we offer have a length of 150mm, 200mm and 233mm and a height of 73mm and 90mm.
The cloth is available in different strengths and colour.

  Individual printed Logos are available on one or on both sides also.  



Referee counter board in protective carton and with time-out cards

Classic counter board with practicable covering box. When being used the counter board will be held in exact position and after usage it can be stored in the package safely. The counter cards have rounded corners (no “dog-ears”) and many passages for the wiring (less tear and damage)




Surrounding clip

With this kind of clip you are able to connect the surroundings. That increases the stability of the court and improves significantly it’s appearance.

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